Keep You And Your Car Safe This Winter

Keep You And Your Car Safe This Winter

Ah… The TV show was right. Winter WAS coming and boy oh boy is it here. With temperatures dropping as low as 1 degrees centigrade only a couple of days ago, Winter is truly upon us.

It’s not all bad though. Yes, you are going to be a bit colder. And yes, driving conditions change as the weather changes – but we can take necessary steps to counter the change in the weather and have a stress free Winter! Well, stress free from your car anyway.

We want to keep this blog topical so that when you check it out – you get useful information.

Cars can be really dangerous if not treated correctly. This is especially true during the cold, slippery and wet Winter days and nights. No one knows this more than, aka your local car body repairs London specialists!

Let’s jump into a list of easy things you can do to keep you and your car safe this winter.

Clean Clean Clean!

The article at prestige car body repairs makes some good points. They have a list of car care tips to use this Winter. We’ll take some of their best bits so you don’t have to read the whole thing.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your car is really important during the winter. While the conditions are cold, wet and muddy you can easily get your car covered in all sorts of unwanted debris. If peeled away you could cause the   on your car body to also peel away. People forget to clean the exterior of their car and it’s an easy way of avoiding any damage.

We like this one too.

Pack for an emergency.

The cold weather increases the likelihood of a breakdown on the motorways and busy roads. With increased traffic and more breakdowns occurring, it can take time for any sort of car breakdown service to get to you. As a result, you should pack warm clothes, plenty of water, food, first aid kit and a book or tablet. Great suggestions!


Another article on winter care tips gives some good recommendations on performance.

For general performance, it is worth getting your oil levels checked at least a couple of times this Winter.

Virtually every car mechanic or specialist will recommend this to you. It’s a pain but it’s worth doing. If you did this zero times last year, why not get your car oil checked at least once this time round? Without the correct amount of oil, your can become more much susceptible to breakdowns.

Have a look online about your kind of car and how the oil should be. You won’t regret getting your oil checked, but you will regret breaking down on Christmas Day!

Another one is to check your car engine’s antifreeze using a tester kit. You’ll want a 50-50 split between distilled water and anti-freeze in most cases. This is to ensure your engine continues to work well in the icy cold weather.

Another one from these guys is to check the tread on your tyres as well as the pressure. Tread is obviously essential for your car to stick well to the road so that you are not skidding out of control.

Check your tyre for the amount of pressure they should have using the PSI level suggested on the tyre itself. Ensure that your tyres have the right amount of pressure so that they can properly gain traction across the road as you drive. An under pressures tyre is going to be more susceptible to slipping and skidding, which could cause horrible accident.

Another article we read earlier has some good tips too. This one is from and talks preparing your car for winter.

Again, let’s take some of their main points that have not already been mentioned.

When was your battery last charged?

This is one of the primary things you should too. They generally last around 5 years but the cold temperatures and increased usage of them during Winter might make it shorter. If you are having problems starting your car it could be because of a flat battery.

Clean… your lights

Like the other guys, confused say that you should clean your car lights. Keeping them clean will stop any sort of damage occurring. You buy a car with perfect looking lights and they work perfectly – things that are in good condition work well.

Fail to prepare? Prepare to fail!

Building on the point made above about preparing for an accident – how about just prepare in general? Know where you are going so you are not rushing around, check the weather (is it going to snow or rain?), de-ice your car and just generally know what you are getting yourself into.




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